Thursday, May 31, 2007

5/31 Thought of the Day: Brawl Predictions

Today's Thought of the Day will be about my most anticipated game: Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I'm going to predict the release date, some characters, the controls, and more. Well, as you know, Nintendo's "Big Three", which are Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Super Mario Galaxy, are all scheduled for release this year. Metroid comes out on August 20th, leaving September to December open for Brawl and Mario. My guess is that Super Smash Bros. Brawl will release in October, particularly late October, and Super Mario Galaxy will release in December. The reason for that is that Brawl is said to feel very complete, and so I think it will release before Super Mario Galaxy does. I also think that Nintendo will want to space out the releases of their "Big Three" games this year, and so I think 2 months in between each game is enough of a gap. When will we find out the actual release date? My guess is at E3.

As for the characters, the confirmed characters so far are Mario, Link, Kirby, Pikachu, Samus/Zero Suit Samus, Snake, Wario, Metaknight, Pit, and Fox. I doubt they would take out any of the original starters from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 64, so I'm almost 100% sure Donkey Kong and Yoshi will appear. Scenes of Yoshi's stage have also been shown in a trailer for Brawl. Sakurai has stated that some characters will not be returning, and I'm pretty sure those characters not returning will be clones. I think that these characters will also be in Brawl: Bowser, Captain Falcon, Ice Climbers, Jigglypuff, Luigi, Marth, Mr. Game & Watch, Ness, Peach, and Zelda/Sheik. As for the other characters from Melee that I didn't mention, I think they either will get new moves or won't be in Brawl.

As for newcomers, there are a few series that I think will have a presence in Brawl. One of them is Animal Crossing. You can't deny the success the series has had, and so far, they've only been shown in a trophy or two in Melee. I think that either an item or a character from Animal Crossing will be in Brawl. If it was a character, I would have to say it would be either be Tom Nook, Mr. Resetti, or K.K. Slider. We know there will be a few third party characters added besides the already announced Snake from Konami. If I had to guess, I would say SEGA will be represented by Sonic. I also think the following are likely: Mega Man (Capcom), Pac-Man (Namco), and Bomberman (Hudson).

As for new items and stages, I'm not sure on exactly what they would pick, but I'm sure that almost all, if not all, of the items will return from Melee. We already know of the Gooey Bomb, the Cracker Launcher, and the Smash Ball. I'm sure we'll get plenty more new items and new stages. As for returning stages from Melee, I would have to guess that Hyrule Temple, Green Greens, and a few others will return, along with one or two stages from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 64.

Lastly, I will discuss the controls. This has been of much debate lately. First, I'll tell you what we know. Sakurai has said not to throw away our Gamecube controllers just yet. Also, the Brawl site has a picture of a Wii Remote sideways as the control icon. Today, with the debut of the news of the Cracker Launcher item, the control stick is mentioned. From all of these facts, I would have to guess that three different control options will be allowed. I think that we will be able to choose from the Wii Remote/Nunchuk, Classic Controller, and the Gamecube Controller. Sakurai has said there will be no motion sensing in the main game, and even with that, the Wii Remote/Nunchuk combo could work. It probably won't be that great, but it could still work. I think I'll probably be using the Gamecube controller, and maybe buy a Classic controller.

Anyways, that's it for my predictions. I really like the new updates every weekday. It gives me something to look forward to everyday, except weekends. Another new update tomorrow. One last prediction. If I had to guess about the update tomorrow, I would say it's a character update, maybe a Final Smash update, a special attack update, or a character profile. Either way, I think it'll be old info, except for new screens. We've been getting new things a lot lately, so I think we'll be getting something old. Hey, maybe I'll be surprised and we'll get new stuff. That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed my predictions. Please post your own predictions as comments!

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