Saturday, July 21, 2007

RUMOR: SSBB Character to be Revealed at E for All Expo?

Once again, I would take this RUMOR with a huge grain of salt. FIERY_LEON on the NSider forums posting something very interesting, if true:

So i emailed them a while back, asking if there was anything SSBB related at E for all, and i got this email back today

"You have recently Emailed us about information On Super Smash Bros Brawl!

"Dear E for All, I was wondering super smash bros brawl would be in the E for all show, as that is the only reason i would buy a ticket. Steve"

We will confirm, As we have been to many Fans emailing us on this subject, That Sakurai will be making an Appearance, and An exclusive new character will be confirmed! The only thing we can say is that Sega fans will be happy!

We hope that this will justify you buying a ticket, All the best

Mark James

- E for all"

He posted a picture of this supposed email and here it is:

So, is it true? I have no clue. This hints at Sonic coming to Brawl, and E for All is in October. The Sonic rumor from yesterday say we'll find out at the end of this month. So, one of these is wrong, and maybe both are wrong. We'll just have to wait and see.


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Anonymous said...

Hey- it didn't say Sonic would be announced. Maybe we'll be seeing NiGHTS. He'll be on the Wii soon.