Friday, July 13, 2007

Smashville: Super Smash Bros. Dojo 7/13 Update

It's Friday the 13th and you would think today would bring bad things, but today's update is one of my favorite updates of all time. I've wanted the Animal Crossing series to be represented in Super Smash Bros. for a long time now, and I finally got what I wanted. I present to you a new stage called Smashville:

Smashville is the town of Animal Crossing and as you can see, it has lots of places from the Animal Crossing series in the background. There are even characters that come and watch you fight. Also, the time of day that you play affects the scenery. If you play in the morning, thanks to the Wii's internal clock, you will be fighting in a town in which it is morning. Fight at night and you will fight at night in this stage too.

Brewster even sells coffee to spectators while you fight.

And my favorite part is that if you play on Saturday at 8 pm, just like in an Animal Crossing game, K.K. Slider appears to perform live! You can see him in the screenshot below, but I just wanted to point out that Pikachu and Fox are watching K.K. perform. Maybe all the action stops at 8 pm or something.


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