Monday, July 2, 2007

Assist Trophies: Super Smash Bros. Dojo 7/2 Update

A new item has been revealed and it's awesome! It's called the Assist Trophy, and you can see what it looks like above. An Assist Trophy is kind of like a pokeball, but instead of it being Pokemon inside, it's a guest character. All the characters in Assist Trophies are guest characters that are separate from the Smash Bros. roster. They come forth to do different things. Also, you won't know which character it'll be until you use it, just like the pokeball. For example, in the pictures below, Kirby gets an Assist Trophy and uses it. Out of it comes a Hammer Bros., who begins throwing his hammers at Fox.

Remember the Nintendog from the E3 trailer a while back? Many thought it would be a separate item, but it actually appears from the Assist Trophy.

The Nintendog doesn't really help you in particular, it just blocks the view.

But that's not the only update for today from the site. We also got an update on another character appearing as an Assist Trophy: Samurai Goro, who is Captain Falcon's rival. He just comes and cuts people with his sword. Also, the majority of the characters from the Assist Trophies are invincible, just like the Pokemon from pokeballs. Here is Samurai Goro in action:

I think the idea of Assist Trophies is awesome and I can't wait to see who else is in the Assist Trophies. Awesome updates today!

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