Thursday, July 5, 2007

Types of Attacks: Super Smash Bros. Dojo 7/5 Update

Today's update is interesting. It tells us the different types of attacks. The first kind is a Standard Attack, which you do by pressing the attack button. These attacks are usually pretty fast. Below you can see Mario doing a Standard Attack and the default controls for it:

The next kind of attack is the Strong Attack. Basically, when you tilt the Control Stick in a certain direction, you'll do a stronger attack in that direction. These attacks also usually have longer reach. Once again here is Mario demonstrating and the controls:

The third type of attack is the most powerful: the Smash Attack. These are done by tilting the Control Stick and pressing the attack button simultaneously. Smash Attacks are very powerful, and by pressing and holding the attack button during a Smash Attack, you can build up power. Here is Mario showing a Smash Attack and the controls, along with a picture of Zero Suit Samus and Link demonstrating the building up of power of a Smash Attack:


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