Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Thoughts on Nintendo's E3 Press Conference

Overall, I would have to say that it was ok. It was boring for most of it and the videos weren't that great. The things I liked were the release dates for Super Mario Galaxy (11/12/07) and Super Smash Bros. Brawl (12/03/07). I liked the Check Mii Out channel and that they reconfirmed Wii Ware for next year. Mario Kart Wii also looked interesting. The Wii Wheel and Wii Zapper Gun were pretty cool accessories. The rest was pretty boring. Wii Fit just doesn't appeal to me, though I like the Wii Balance Board idea. We got a few seconds of new Smash Bros. gameplay footage, but no new full trailer. Of course, this is only Day 1 of 3 of E3, so we very well could get a new trailer and more. And what about that dead series that will be revived that we're going to hear about at E3? I'm sure that's coming in the next few days. And of course, they have to talk about the new Wii with DVD playing capabilities (which I call the WiiVD). So, in short, the news isn't over, but this is most of it.

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