Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nintendo's E3 Press Conference Live Blog

I'll be liveblogging Nintendo's E3 Press Conference while I watch it live on GameSpot. So, here is the latest news:

11:44 - Waiting for Press Conference to start; It's supposed to start at 12

11:56 - Kotaku's live cam is online now and people are sitting in the conference room; poor quality though, so I'll stick to gamespot probably.

11:57 - GameSpot and G4 are online now; the conference starts in 3 minutes!

11:59 - An announcement was made saying the show will begin in approx. 2 minutes! I'm watching it on GameSpot.

12:02 - An announcement has been made saying the show is about to begin! Time to get ready for some awesome information. As I speak, the music stops and a video is playing.

12:03 - The video is showing Wii in the news, in South Park, and all over. It's a pretty cool video. Now they're talking about DS Lite and they're showing mention of the DS Lite and Wii in various news pieces and other things.

12:04 - The Video is over and Reggie is on stage. He is happy lol. He sees today as a celebration. He's talking about E3 in general.

12:07 - Reggie is talking about Expanded Market of video games and how it has affected his household too.

12:09 - Reggie is talking about the DS's success and diss's the PSP. He's talking statistics right now.

12:11 - He's done talking about the change in older gamers buying more games now than in the past and he's now talking about female gamers. And now he's talking about just Nintendo in general this year. Lots of statistics.

12:14 - Reggie is talking about how people think Wii and DS Lite are fads. More statistics.

12:16 - Between now and the holidays, US players should expect 140 new DS games and 100 new Wii games.

12:17 - They're showing another video like the one before. More videos and news stories about the Wii and DS. It also has some clips of the Nintendo Short Cuts contest entries. It's pretty funny actually lol.

12:19 - The video is over. OMG! Wii Zapper is on screen. It looks really different than the prototype and looks really weird. Now they're showing a video of it in action and it actually doesn't look too bad in action. Zapper Gun will be on hand to use with Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles on the show floor. Now they're showing Ghost Squad from SEGA. EA's Medal of Honor is also talked about and it's built specifically for the Wii Zapper. Up to 32 players in multiplayer for Medal of Honor!

12:21 - Wii Zapper will be packaged with some software and will also be sold separately for a MSRP of $19.99. Now they're talking about Soul Calibur Legends for Wii.

12:23 - Still talking about various games; now talking about Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. OMG He's talking about Brawl! He's talking about the updates on the Smash Bros. Brawl site. New trailer! Super Smash Bros. Brawl releases December 3rd this year! Finally a release date!

12:25 - They're showing a video of 2 editors of a site called Wii Hylia and their thoughts about Wii and DS.

12:27 - The video is over. Mike (one of the editors) and Bill Trinen from NOA are coming to demonstrate The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

12:30 - Jackie (the other editor) is coming on stage now and Mike left; She's playing Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

12:33 - Bill and Jackie leave the stage and Reggie comes on stage. He's talking about getting serious about online. He said that we already did and we didn't notice. Another video plays like the ones before and it shows video clips from the news and other media showing the online aspects of Wii and DS being talked about.

12:34 - The video is done and Reggie is talking statistics.

12:35 - Reggie is talking Virtual Console. He's now talking about Wii Ware. It starts next week. Now he's talking about a new Mii channel. I couldn't catch the name though, but it's the Mii Popularity Channel thing that was talked about before. [EDIT: He might have said next year actually for Wii Ware, I couldn't hear because my grandmother was calling me]

12:36 - He's talking about online play; Pokemon and Mario Strikers Charged are mentioned.

12:37 - Talking about various online games: Madden NFL 08, FIFA Soccer 08, and a Dragon Quest game. He's talking about Guitar Hero III now.

12:39 - Mario Kart Wii is coming Q1 08 and is online! Video clips are shown! Online Multiplayer battle mode too. We have to stay tuned for how many gamers can play together. Reggie is now showing a Wii Wheel attachment that makes its debut with Mario Kart Wii.

12:41 - Wii Wheel comes packaged with Mario Kart Wii when it releases. Another video is starting. More news clips about Wii and DS's appeal to non-gamers.

12:43 - The video is over and Reggie said that they will now be talking about games that appeal to a mass audience. Reggie leaves the stage and Satoru Iwata is on stage now.

12:45 - Iwata is talking about various mass appeal games.

12:49 - Iwata is talking about the barrier between casual and hardcore gamers and mentions that the Wii Zapper will help break that barrier.

12:50 - Iwata says that in a few minutes, Miyamoto will come and show us a new title that appeals to casual and hardcore gamers. Iwata is now leaving and a video of a husband and wife are shown. A Video of Super Mario Galaxy is shown and they're showing people playing it.

12:52 - The video continues and they're talking about Brain Age 2 now.

12:53 - Reggie is back on stage talking about Brain Age 2. It's coming Aug. 20th to the US. He's now talking about Super Mario Galaxy. Super Mario Galaxy comes out November 12th this year in the US!

12:55 - Reggie is now talking about Picross DS and EA's My Sims.

12:56 - He's now talking about High School Musical for Wii and DS and Rayman Raving Rabbids 2.

12:57 - Reggie is talking about Flash Focus for DS; It's a visual training game. He's talking about My Word Coach from Ubisoft for DS. My Life Coach is in development.

12:58 - Another video is being shown about news clips about Wii Sports.

1:00 - Video is over and the last game they're talking about is Wii Fit. A video is playing. There's a mat of some sort that you stand on to play it. It's a fitness game and you use the mat to do various exercises on.

1:01 - Wii Fit has a whole bunch of minigames that you use the mat for and they're games are healthy for you. The video is over and Shigeru Miyamoto is on stage.

1:03 - They have 3 fitness trainers demonstrating Wii Fit on stage.

1:08 - There are over 40 different activites in Wii Fit. The demonstration is over and the mat they were using is called the Wii Balance Board. It can measure your wait and how your balance shifts while standing on it. It's also wireless.

1:09 - They're going to do a body check with Wii Fit on Reggie so he stands on the Wii Balance Board.

1:10 - You can do this every day and track it. They're showing different things about Reggie's body type and other things. You can graph your Body Mass Index as well as other people's on the same graph or on separate graphs.

1:13 - They're playing a game where you headbutt soccer balls; It's Miyamoto vs. Reggie.

1:15 - Reggie wins and Miyamoto and Bill (who was translating for Miyamoto) leave the stage.

1:17 - Reggie says their goal is to use people's leisure time for video games. Reggie leaves and a video plays with various news clips and new game clips. And that's it! The conference is over. I'm going to eat lunch and I'll post my thoughts of the conference in a little while. Wow, I typed a lot.

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