Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Amazing Blue Light

Well, I'm bored and there's no more news to post right now. My Wii is glowing blue and I'm not going to check it until morning because I love that amazing glowing blue light. I thought that I should post some pictures I found on google of the amazing blue light. Why? Because it's simply amazing. So, check them out:

Two things I just wanted to say:
1. That black Wii you see above isn't a new Wii coming, it's an old picture of a prototype Wii, but the blue light looks cooler than ever with the black color design.
2. Before the name Wii was known, there were many rumored names. My favorite rumored name was the Nintendo Bluewave. This was probably the most convincing name out of the rumored ones and it was based on the the blue light and on Nintendo's Blue Ocean theory.

This blue light is a part (a small part, but a part nonetheless) of Nintendo's history and an awesome feature of Wii. Long live the blue light!

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