Monday, August 27, 2007

PLATTCHEN - Twist 'n 'Paint Interview

For those that don't know, PLATTCHEN - Twist 'n 'Paint is the first WiiWare title that we found out about. Here are some tidbits of an interview about it...

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your game, PLÄTTCHEN, and how does it incorporate the Wii Remote?

A: PLÄTTCHEN - twist 'n' paint is an intelligent puzzle shooter with 3D gameplay elements and the freedom to paint and to repaint any plättchen, the puzzle tiles in the game, to any color of the rainbow. Players select the color just by twisting the wiimote and with it the color wheel on screen. Plättchen of a similar color will react with each other but will not, as in other games, disappear instantly. A big thing in the game is the action-centric shooting part, which we will reveal at a later date. We often try to compare PLÄTTCHEN twist 'n' paint with classics like Tetris, Picross, Point Blank or Puzzle Bobble, but the game is so different that it just isn't comparable with any of them. Stay tuned for a completely new experience unlike anything before. Along with a unique 12-player simultaneous multiplayer mode, a huge number of other surprises await you.

Q: Nintendo say WiiWare will be available "Early 08", though George Harrison has stated that the service could launch as early as this year depending on what games are ready. Do you have a more specific date, and will PLÄTTCHEN be available on its launch?

A: Since most developers have been informed about the service only recently, we expect it to launch sometime in February or March of 2008. We will do our best to enrich the lineup with the availibility of PLÄTTCHEN - twist 'n' paint from the beginning.

Full Interview Here

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