Monday, August 27, 2007

RUMOR: Nintendo Doing Online Testing?

Recently, someone on NeoGAF came across something interesting while looking at the connection data for Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. He found a code that seemed to be Nintendogs and Yoshi's Island. They're not online, so why is this code appearing? The code I'm talking about is the game code. Here are the links for those two games:

Yoshi's Island

Not only that but, 10 other titles were discovered. The thing to note about those 8 is that they're Wii titles. We don't know all of them, so I guessed on some. Here they are:

Ghost Squad
FIFA 2008?
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock?
NBA Live 208?
Japanese puzzle game
Also a Japanese puzzle game

What does it mean? Who knows. Maybe nothing.


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