Friday, August 17, 2007

IGN Wii-k In Review Podcast Highlights

Here is a summary of IGN's Wii-k in Review Podcast:

- MP3:C is at the IGN offices. They are under embargo so they cannot talk about it in detail. Very impressed, game is atmospheric and scary at parts.
- Bozon likes precision of Wiimote for MP3:C
- Lots of MP3:C next week
- WiiWare titles discussed (same info we posted earlier)
- Medal of Honor Heroes 2 discussion
- Peer discusses how 60 FPS looks instantly more impressive, seems to allude to MP3:C
- Boogie talk
- Madden 08 Wii talk. 08 better than 07. 360>PS2>Wii>PS3.
- Escape from Bug Island talk
- Pokemon Trainer in Super Smash Bros. Brawl talk.
- Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 talk. Better than 07 but not living up to potential
- Dewy’s Adventure in IGN offices but hasn’t been played yet
- Mercury Meltdown Revolution comes out September 18th for $20
- MySims talk, team seems impressed. Definitely Animal Crossing/Harvest Moon approach
- Endless Ocean talk - team seems split. Matt likes, Bozon wants more to do
- Perrin Kaplan Nintendo Minute editorial - Nintendo read Matt’s lack of hype article. MP3:C advertising coming, but form is unknown.
- Luminous Arc - 7.8
- Madden 08 on DS has better online than the Wii version..
- Rune Factor - 8.4
- Games Convention talk, Table Tennis there, no Manhunt 2, Nintendo to show off who knows what
- Haven’t played Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games
- Call of Duty 4 DS was nice.
- N-Space’s Wii project talk, no specifics
- THQ Rainbow Studio’s game - ATV game. IGN has the exclusive in a few weeks.
- Metroid Prime 3 shows the flaws in Metroid Prime 2
- Mario Kart Wii talk
- Don’t know about any unannounced Nintendo-developed hardcore titles, but do know about Nintendo-published titles developed by other parties. Some games that were initially very hardcore are now less so - hardcore title list may be thinning out.
- Battalion Wars expected to be at Leipzig
- Matt has seen some pretty games recently
- Contemplate reasons for Galaxy’s superior visuals to other Wii titles - longer time with tech, the fact that the game’s set in small areas
- Matt thinks Animal Crossing will be coming out in 2008 and will be very similar to the DS/GCN versions.
- IGN don’t expect much in the way of MMO’s on Wii - not Nintendo’s vision.
- Next week embargo lifts - embargoed on certain levels. Will soon release videos that truly show the game’s visuals - much better than the compressed footage Nintendo is showing you. Will talk lots more about it in next week’s podcast.

Overall, it sounds good, except for one thing. I don't like the fact that they're turning hardcore games less hardcore. I want more of the hardcore stuff, so hopefully they'll change their attitude about that. I guess there still are plenty of hardcore games coming out this year and next, but even so, it is getting a tad bit annoying with all the casual games.


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