Friday, August 10, 2007

IGN's Wii-k In Review Podcast Highlights

- A lot of Metroid Prime 3 talk. Matt not happy with hype level, MP3 promo channel. IGN should be getting the game next week
- Mario Strikers score may be dropped if online issues continue.
- Madden: More of the same.
- EA Nation online > Nintendo online
- EA embargoed all ratings under 9.
- Tiger Woods plays better, not perfect.
- 27:20: Matt pretty much says Factor 5 working on Wii game.
- 52:00: PC-style-God game being made by an established PC 3rd party is coming to Wii with a possible IGN update next Friday (not set in stone.)
- Quick talk about 3.0 system update.
- Neo-Geo VC support coming in 2007.
- A bunch more Western 3rd party games are coming to VC (Factor 5’s old games)
- Matt’s source confirmed Space Station Tycoon is cancelled
- Matt says to look out for more Western Dev shooters
- Words 2 for the DS is great. Looks and plays well, has online wifi.
- Ninja Gaiden DS update coming monday. The game is really fun apparently. great controls.
- CoD4 for the DS is impressive. D-pad controls movement, stylus to look. Graphically better then Brother in Arms, steady framerate. AI teams, no wifi, but 4 person multiplayer.
- More Zak and Wiki talk.
-Speak about 2008. Mostly all speculation. Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Pikmin, etc. 1080 Snowboarding will probably be done with the Wii Fit board.
- Boogie was originally an acting game.
-Game they were saying was going to be unveiled on Wii at E3 is coming in 2008, has been “miniaturized”.
- They’ll reveal a mature game soon if the developer doesn’t get a publisher. They claim that no one wants to publish it because they’re afraid no one will buy it on the Wii


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