Friday, August 10, 2007

Metroid Mania - New Preview Channel, Metroid VC details

Loads of new Metroid news for you guys. First up, Metroid will be hitting the Virtual Console this Monday and Super Metroid will be releasing the following Monday. And now for the big news. Nintendo has released a Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Preview Channel that you can download in the Wii Ware section of the Wii Shop Channel. It has two videos, with two more coming soon. These videos will be free to download for a limited time. Go Nintendo also says this:

On the window where the videos are, there is a blinking button on the top right. If you click that, the window minimizes so you can uncover an image using the wii remote to “paint” the screen. The window also has what appears to be buttons on the left for what could be ‘up’ and ‘down’. Meanwhile, when the window is minimized for ‘painting’, there are five video icons on the button to go back to videos, despite the fact there are only four videos.

I don't know exactly what they are referring to though since I have not been able to download this channel yet. Once I go home in a little while, I will download it and update the site with more information on it.


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