Sunday, August 12, 2007

NES Online's Friends

The news is very slow right now, but that's how weekends usually are. Tomorrow brings us an update to the Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel, an update to the Smash Bros. site, and more. But, until then, I wanted to let you guys know about two great sites. Both of them have added links to NES Online and I have added links to their sites, which can be accessed in the sidebar.

Falafelkid's Blog is a great place to check out. I've referred to Falafelkid in a few news posts because he is a Television Journalist who reports about games. He tends to get inside information on things and that is very helpful. The other site is GameOnNintendo. GameOnNintendo is a cool site that is all about Nintendo. You can go there and read the latest news and even watch special Game On TV episodes they've made. Both sites have been very helpful and supportive ever since I started NES Online in the form of a forum over a year ago. So, go check them out!

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