Monday, August 13, 2007

New Wii Update! Some 3.0 Firmware issues fixed

When Nintendo released their 3.0 firmware upgrade for Wii, there were a few issues with it. Some people could no longer connect online on certain channels, among other things. Nintendo said they were working on it and it seems like they're done. Check your Wii's because you should be receiving a blue light soon. Nintendo is sending out a message about a new update for Wii. It says:

"A new update for your Wii console is available!

This update will prevent your Wii from locking up, which can occur when using the Internet Channel if you press RESET on either your Wii console or within the HOME Menu. This update also corrects some Internet connection stability issues when using the Wii LAN Adapter from Nintendo.

Please press the Update button on the bottom-right to update your Wii console."

Personally I haven't experienced the Internet Channel issue, but that's because I never pressed reset. I'll update my Wii tomorrow morning, and I'm sure I've received the message. So, go update it now!


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