Thursday, August 2, 2007

Castle Siege: Super Smash Bros. Dojo 8/2 Update

See that castle? That castle has been subject to much debate. For a while, nobody knew what series it was from, and then people figured out it was a Fire Emblem stage. But then, people argued and argued as to what game and what exact castle from the Fire Emblem series it was. Well, it is from the Fire Emblem series, but it isn't from anything in particular. The stage is called Castle Siege and represents the many scenes like this one in the Fire Emblem series. In this stage, you fight on top of the castle, and fireballs launched by catapults soar through the sky right above you.

But then, after a while, the floor shatters and the battle continues inside the castle. You can also break the stone statues in the throne room if you want.

But then, you go to the underground. What is it like? Sakurai says we have to wait to find out.


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