Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What other gaming franchises are coming to Brawl?

Some people have tried to use small things on the Smash Bros. site to figure out what other characters will be in Brawl. Well, I'm going to post about one of the ideas that makes sense to me. Every character in Brawl has an icon that associates it with a gaming series. For example, Link has the Triforce as his character icon, and so does Zelda because they are from the Legend of Zelda game series. So, what are the icons revealed so far? Here they are:

01) Super Smash Bros.
02) Donkey Kong
03) Star Fox
04) Kirby
05) F-Zero
06) Metroid
07) ??? - Probably Earthbound/Mother
08) Pokemon
09) The Legend of Zelda
10) Super Mario Bros.
11) Yoshi
12) Fire Emblem
13) ??? - Probably Game & Watch
14) ??? - Probably Ice Climbers
15) Animal Crossing
16) Wario
17) ??? - Probably a new series to Smash Bros.
18) Kid Icarus

So, people may ask why I picked what I picked for icons number 7, 13, 14. Well, they were all starters in Melee, and those spots make sense if they were to return. For example, spot number 12 is Fire Emblem, which starts with F. There are 2 spots left after that before Animal Crossing. Game & Watch comes next in the alphabet, starting with G, and Ice Climbers comes later, with I.

But what makes me so sure that there will be an Animal Crossing character? Well, there is an Animal Crossing stage (Smashville) and item (Pitfall), but the biggest indication of there being a character is the Animal Crossing icon. Every character so far that is playable has an icon to go with them. People may say there's a leaf icon just because of the AC stage and item, but there's evidence to prove the icon means something. Dr. Wright is an Assist Trophy, and he has the generic Smash Bros. icon, while Samurai Goroh is an Assist Trophy, but he has the F-Zero icon. That hints that there is a F-Zero character that will be playable, which is most likely Captain Falcon. So yea, there is an AC character.

So, what exactly does this predict? This predicts a few things. It predicts that we will see the return of Ness, Game & Watch, the Ice Climbers, and Captain Falcon, as well as the addition of an unknown Animal Crossing character and a character from a gaming series that hasn't been in Brawl yet. What about Snake? He will have his own icon, and I believe it is icon number 19. We know that every character announced so far is a starter character, and Snake is going to be a secret character. Since Pit, who has icon number 18 is a starter, it only makes sense that Snake has icon number 19 or after. That would also mean that all those characters announced and the ones I predicted above are starter characters. It's possible, and only time will tell. So, keep these predictions in mind when future character updates for Brawl are revealed.


Anonymous said...

You forgot about Snake's icon.

Anonymous said...

If I had to guess, the missing icon before AC is Snake's because Snake was revealed before any AC stuff. Also, the icons are in order of appearance. The first 11 were introduced in Smash Bros. and 12-14 were introduced in Melee (that's if it is Ice Climber and Game and Watch).
Also, an AC character seems unlikely just because all the key AC characters were featured in Smashville's background. My guess the icon was created because they might be incorporating many AC content. (Do I see the possiblity of a Mr. Resetti Assist Trophy? PLEASE YES!)