Monday, August 6, 2007

Nintendo wants to keep VC games in their original form... LIES [UPDATED]

Someone from Nintendo once said that Nintendo wanted to keep the Virtual Console games in their original format and leave them unchanged... well then what is this? For those that have downloaded Wave Race 64, you can see that Nintendo added advertisements for Wii and DS. Check the screenshots below:


[UPDATE] Wikipedia updated with some info on why it was changed:

Unlike all other Virtual Console games, Wave Race 64 was modified, with the in-game Kawasaki banners changed because Nintendo no longer holds the rights to use the Kawasaki name. The replaced ads show Wii and Nintendo DS advertisements instead. The Jet Skis themselves have also been slightly modified and bear no Kawasaki logos.

Thanks Josh for the tip!


Josh said...

Wikipedia to the rescue!

NES_HAVortexDude said...

thanks josh, I knew there was a reason for it, I just never caught it, I'll update my post.