Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Paper Mario Review

I got the chance to play Paper Mario, but honestly I haven't gotten that far. That's because every time I'm not on Wii, my sister gets on and plays Paper Mario, and she's much farther than me in the game. So, here's my quick and short review:

Gameplay: 5/5
- The game is very fun to play. It's easy to learn and there's many different strategies you can use. It has a very engaging storyline and it even got my sister into it, who doesn't like very many games.

Sound: 4/5
- The game has catchy music, but the problem I have with it is that the music gets annoying after a while. I wish there was a bit more variety in the music, but overall the music is great. I can hear the music in my head right now.

Controls: 5/5
- Me and my sisters have only used the Classic Controller to play and that's because we love it. It feels great to play the game with the Classic Controller and the button configuration is very easy to use.

Graphics: 5/5
- It's a N64 game, so you have to consider that when rating the graphics. For a N64 game, the graphics are great. When I play it, I honestly don't think that it's a N64 game. The thought never crosses my mind because the graphics are good for a N64 game.

I can't think of any other categories or anything more to add. It's definitely worth the $10 if you don't have it already and it's already popular in my household between me and my sisters. In fact, I'll definitely have to look into getting Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and Super Paper Mario. All in all, I give Paper Mario for the Wii Virtual Console a rating of 4.75/5, which is a really good rating. I heard lots of good things about it, and now having played it, I know exactly why pretty much everyone is saying that Paper Mario is a great game.


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i like this game!