Tuesday, August 7, 2007

NES_cutekitten1234's Review of Paper Mario

Hey everyone, get ready for a post from my sister. You can call her NES_cutekitten1234. She's gotten much farther into Paper Mario than I have, so her review will probably be more beneficial to you. So, without further ado, here is her review:

Gameplay: 5/5
- Paper Mario is an amazing game in my opinion. It is a interesting game with some twists and turns built into it. This game is a long game, which is great so that you have a lot to accomplish. Paper Mario may just be my favorite game :).

Controls: 5/5
- The controls are basic, but, they are easy to understand so that's a good thing. Me, my brother, and my sister all think that the classic controller work best for this game.

Music: 4/5
- The music is good. I mean, in some parts such as, when you are about to battle king goomba, the screen shows the castle and when that happens, you hear this old sort of music. I dislike that some of the sounds/music sounds old. I do like however that you can get some special badges that allow the music to change.

Graphics: 4.5/5
- The graphics are OK. Since the game was originally a Nintendo 64 game, those are pretty good graphics for back then. I think that the graphics are original, and that works for a game like this.

Overall Rating: 4.63/5
- I think that once you start to play this game, you will get addicted to it...like me :). Yes, I definately think that this game is worth $10.00 because it is a long, fun, and interesting game. And I would also recommend this game to everyone because it is just that good. I know that when my brother bought it, i have heard of the game before but I have never played it before. Then one day I was bored at home, just sitting around and my brother suggested that I play Paper Mario. So I decided to play and from that day on, i have been playing a lot!

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