Wednesday, June 27, 2007

6/27 Thought of the Day: The Appeal of Wii

So, I had my graduation party on Sunday and I thought I should post about what we did, which was play Wii. I had one or two people that have played games before and a few that really weren't gamers at all. The first two people arrived, Ashley and Andrew, and we played some Wii Sports Tennis. It was me vs. Ashley and Andrew and I won, but after a while, it became hard to win. They both caught on quickly and I even had to take on some power serves from Ashley. We then transitioned into Wii Sports Golf. At first, it was fun, but by the third and final hole, we were all getting bored. I think I even heard Ashley say that she has to go soon or something like that. The party was turning into a disaster.

But then, two more friends, Justin and Amanda, showed up, and so did the pizza. We went and ate pizza and snacks, and while we were doing so, another friend named Tiffany showed up. After we ate, we all went back down to the basement where I had my Wii hooked up to a projector and sound system. We started to play Wii Play, but it turns out that I had to unlock the games (It was the first time I put it in Wii) so we stopped playing after one or two games.

We decided to play Mario Kart 64, and this is where the fun started. We switched off playing since there were now 6 of us. Ashley was the only one that played this a lot when she was young and thus, tended to win whenever she played, unless I played. My friend Justin who isn't a gamer, usually ended up in second place, which was pretty funny. All in all, this game really was fun to play and it showed everyone how great the Virtual Console part of Wii was. While playing Mario Kart 64, my friend Lindsey showed up (she had work earlier) and when asked to play Mario Kart 64, she declined by saying she isn't a gamer. I was determined for Wii's motion control to win her over and win everyone else over, so we started to play Wii Sports Bowling.

It was like magic. Everyone figured out the controls right away and it was a fun game. Even Lindsey, the non-gamer, really liked Wii Sports Bowling and everyone remarked that it was great that it came with Wii. A little while later, Amanda said that she had to go. Justin, who is her boyfriend, asked her why since he had to give her a ride. Amanda promised she would go to someone else's party too, so she had to leave early and I heard Justin say that he wanted to stay and play Wii. Eventually, we decided to have cake and then they left and we went back down and continued Wii Sports Bowling.

All in all, Wii was a hit. It was appealing to both gamers and non-gamers alike and I'm glad I had it set up for my friends to play. So yup, that's it. Oh yea, just so you know, the plan was to go with Justin and Andrew to Video Games Live, but Justin is unable to take off work. So, Justin is giving his ticked to our other friend Jason, who is very much a gamer (He registered on the forums under the name DDRFlip) and he will be going with me and Andrew. I'll definitely be writing up a long thing about that concert because I just know it's going to be amazing. And that's all. Peace.

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