Saturday, June 23, 2007

IGN Wii-k In Review Podcast Highlights: E3, Manhunt 2, and more!

Here are the highlights from IGN's Wii-k In Review Podcast that Go Nintendo posted:

- Matt thinks Take Two will appeal Manhunt 2’s AO rating to the ESRB and there will be a really significant delay if they lose. Bozon says it’s the “most violent game he’s ever played”.

- Online multiplayer hinted at for Godzilla: Unleashed

- Kirby Wii at E3.

- They know about a couple unannounced games from Nintendo that will be revealed at E3.

- They’ve seen quite a few unannounced EA Wii Games at pre-E3 events.

- Cool, non-kiddie games coming from THQ

- Craig has an interview with Bioware about the Sonic DS RPG coming up next week.


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