Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm buying Wii Play

Today from noon to 4 pm is my Graduation Party. My friends are coming over and we're going to play games and stuff. It'll be fun. In a little while, my mom is going to take me to buy Wii Play. I've decided to buy it because it looks like fun and I need another Wii Remote because I have 2 sisters and I only have 2 Wii Remotes currently. Anyways, it'll be fun. Expect actual news posts after my party, if there is news to post. Oh, and just so you guys know, tomorrow and Tuesday, I have orientation at the college I'm going to, so won't be able to post much those days. I'll try to get the Monday Smash Bros. Update on Monday morning but expect Tuesday's update on Tuesday afternoon/evening. After that, I'll be free until Friday, which is because of Video Games Live. After that, I'm pretty much free for the rest of summer, unless more plans come up. So, tonight, if I'm not too tired, I'll have a Thought of the Day on Wii's appeal. I'll tell you what my friends thought of it since some of them don't play video games. Tuesday, I'll try to post a Thought of the Day on Wii Play. So, those are my plans.

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