Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thank God for Names!: Super Smash Bros. Dojo 6/28 Update

This week has been awesome for Smash Bros. Updates! Lots and lots of new stuff. Monday revealed Zelda coming back, Tuesday revealed some Zelda music, Wednesday revealed a new item which was the banana, and today revealed names. The update today is called... Names. It's an awesome update. Remember in Melee when you could register a name (more like a few letters) for a player in a tournament? Well, they've taken the name thing to a whole new level.

Each player can create their own name, kind of like a profile. You enter the name like you would on your cellphone. This is what the screen looks like:

On the Character Selection Screen, you choose your name for your character and then begin fighting. Here is that part of the selection screen, which appears blurred in parts (Sakurai says that the selection screen is still secret):

But that's not all about names. Now, with each name comes a personalized button configuration. These are the 4 controllers you can use:

For each name, you can change the button configuration, and you can do that for any of the 4 control schemes. This way, whenever you select your name, the controls are already set. And one more thing. Sakurai says that he will try to do the next thing, but he apologizes if it's not possible. He is trying to make it so that we can save the names to Wii Remotes so we can use your personal settings on your friend's Wii. So, that's the update. There's lots of good stuff there and I'm really excited now!


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