Wednesday, June 27, 2007

WiiWare, Original Downloadable Content, Announced!

Later today, Nintendo will make an official announcement on what I am about to tell you with full details, but for now, I will tell you what we know. Currently, we have Virtual Console games sold in the Wii Shop Channel. Well, we now know of information on downloadable original games, now called WiiWare. These games, WiiWare, will be sold in the Wii Shop Channel (I'm guessing in the WiiWare section since the names match) and will begin to appear next year from Nintendo and third-parties.

One thing to note though is that Nintendo is looking for games from Third-Party companies and from Indie Developers. Nintendo would set the price (which would be in Wii Points) and it's up to the developer and publisher to get a rating for the game. Nintendo will only be checking things like bugs and compatibility. Look for more information on WiiWare later today! Oh, and one thing you should note is that I got the story from Go Nintendo, but they seem to think that there will be a new channel for this stuff, which isn't true. Therefore, I'm sourcing the people that ran the original story, Level Up.


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