Monday, June 18, 2007

The Amazing Photo Channel Video Watching Abilities

I love watching videos on the Photo Channel. There is so much you can do with them. It's easy enough to get them on a SD Card, just use Red Kawa's Wii Video 9 to convert any video you have to the format that Wii uses. On the Photo Channel, you can then make a puzzle of the video, doodle on it, and more. Once the video is done playing, you can even play it backwards. Not only that but with the D-Pad Up, you can sensor out parts of a video. With the D-Pad Down, you can sensor out parts of a video and change the pitch of the sound. Yesterday, I discovered that the 1 and 2 buttons had a feature too. 1 lets you rewind and 2 lets you fast forward, both of those thing were something I had wished Nintendo put in there, and they did. And if you hold down 1 and 2, you can play the video in slow motion. I'll definitely be playing around with it later today.

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