Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fanmade Kirby Hats part 6

Well, I said before that I only had two left, but the thread on NSider is back on business and we now have 4 left. Hex is still making more so from now on I'll just post whatever he makes that day or the next day. So, here are the 4 Kirby Hats he has made:

Skull Boy Kirby

Dedede Kirby

NiGHTS Kirby

Bomberman Kirby


essay writer said...

nice characters. where did you get them?

NES_HAVortexDude said...

There is a guy on the Nintendo forums under the name of Hex... something (his whole username is too long for me lol) and he makes these. I'm just posting his creations because they are awesome.