Wednesday, June 20, 2007

DS Games and Accesories Press Release

Here's press release from Nintendo about some accessories and games:

The best-selling video game system in the world continues to grow and adapt in new ways. Cool features for Nintendo DS™, such as a voice chat headset, a Web browser and free DS Download Stations, continue to help Nintendo reach out to current players, women, baby boomers and seniors in numbers that have stunned the video game industry.

The dual screens and touch-screen abilities of Nintendo DS have spawned the most creative portable games available, as they allow developers to put new twists on classic ideas. More than 40 million Nintendo DS systems have been sold worldwide. Some recent developments that will keep the DS momentum growing include:

* Nintendo DS Headset: Talking to your DS becomes even easier, whether you’re playing a title with voice input like Brain Age™ or Nintendogs™, or competing in Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection-enabled games that include voice chat, such as Planet Puzzle League™, Metroid® Prime Hunters or Pokémon® Diamond and Pokémon® Pearl.

* Nintendo DS Browser: By inserting a new software game card, users can transform their Nintendo DS into a portable Web browser when connecting to their home wireless network or at a Wi-Fi hotspot. The browser has easy touch-screen navigation tools, and users can select how they want Web pages displayed on the dual screens. For video of the Nintendo DS Browser in action, visit

* DS Download Stations: Retail locations and a few airport terminals around the country have been equipped with stations that allow users to wirelessly download free playable demo levels or trailers for upcoming games to their Nintendo DS systems.

* Touch Generations Games: Planet Puzzle League marks the latest entry in Nintendo’s Touch Generations brand, which has games that are challenging for core gamers, but are also easy for newcomers to pick up and play with minimal instruction. As a whole, Touch Generations games have sold more than 7.6 million in the United States alone, and have helped expand the world of video games to new audiences.


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