Friday, June 29, 2007

6/29 Thought of the Day: Wii Play

I said I would talk about Wii Play, so I will. I'm going to rate the game based on the Games, Control, Sound, Multiplayer, and Extras. First up, the Games. Let's start with Table Tennis. I have Table Tennis in my basement, so it was easy for me to compare with the Wii Play version of Table Tennis. Which is easier? The Wii Play one of course. Which is more fun? It's a tie. The Wii Play version is pretty easy to play. The only issue I have with it is it's hard to hit balls when they go on the sides of the table. It could be that I'm just not getting it right though, but that does become somewhat of a pain. The next game, Laser Hockey, is one of my two favorite games. Laser Hockey is easy to play and is as fun as actual Air Hockey. The thing that makes it even better though is the Laser Hockey table design and sounds and stuff. It is so much fun to play.

One of the other games in Wii Play is Fishing. Fishing is pretty easy to do. You just move the Wii Remote as if it was a fishing rod and put it in the water. In fact, it's too easy to do. Even though it was fun at first, it got sort of boring to me. Another game that's in Wii Play is Find Mii. This game, as the name implies, uses Mii's. You have to do things like find 2 matching Mii's or something like that. It's not too hard, but sometimes I find myself selecting a Mii right next to the one I wanted to select on accident and sometimes I don't understand how 2 of the Mii's are similar at all. Other than that though, it's fun. Pose Mii is another game, one that gets pretty hard. At first, it's kind of easy but it gets really intense later. I would probably say this is my 4th favorite game.

Another game is my other top 2 favorite: Shooting Range. It's basically Duck Hunt, but you shoot Ducks, Targets, UFO's, and stuff. It is a lot of fun and easy to do with the Wii Remote. It feels like you have a gun in your hand and your blasting the targets. The option of using A or B to shoot is also great. Billiards, one of the other games, is actually more fun than I thought. I was honestly thinking I would probably never play Billiards, but it's actually not too bad. One of the only issues I have is that it sometimes doesn't register me pulling the Wii Remote backwards, but other than that, it's great.

The last two games are called Charge! and Tanks!. Charge! has you riding a crow into scarecrows for points. It's pretty weird, yet entertaining. It's pretty easy to jump, though it's a little hard to steer. Tanks! is probably my 3rd favorite game. You have the option of using just the Wii Remote to steer and shoot or use the Wii Remote to shoot and the Nunchuk for steering. I have yet to try it with the Wii Remote, but using the Nunchuk is easy. It's a fun game to play because it gets kind of challenging after a few levels. Overall, I give the games a 8/10. They are all pretty fun, but there are a few that lose their appeal after a while.

The controls are mostly spot on, except for a few issues that I mentioned, so I give the controls a 9/10. The sound is great, and I don't really remember much of them right now, but that's probably because I haven't played it too much. I would say a 9/10 for sound. The multiplayer is one of the best parts of the game. It greatly improves the fun of the games, so I give it a 10/10. As for the extras, there are a few things that are in that category.

In Wii Play, you can poke your Mii's on the Main Menu, select a different paddle in Laser Hockey by pressing A and B, shoot down targets and ducks and thigns with 2 Wii Remotes in 1 player, and best of all, Wii Play comes with a Wii Remote. I give the extras a 10/10. That gives Wii Play an overall rating of about a 9/10. It's definitely worth buying, especially if you need another Wii Remote. I now have 3 Wii Remotes (one for me and one each for my sisters). Check it out!

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