Saturday, June 2, 2007

IGN Wii-k in Review Podcast Highlights

Go Nintendo posted the list of information from the IGN Wii-k in Review Podcast. The list comes from NeoGAF and here it is:

- 4 different Scareface control settings (Casual/Normal/Advanced/Expert) with different bounding box sizes. Impressive visuals

- Manhunt 2 “impressively violent”, “ridiculous”. Rockstar wants controversy on Wii. Expecting sales to be good.

- They have RE 4 Wii, but can’t play it yet due to not having the right debugger software.

- Mario Party 8 basing

- Activision/Ubisoft promising more support for Wii

- New gameplay mechanics in new Naruto

- Don’t see a pricedrop for the Wii soon, black Wii may be on the way

- E3 will be “insane” (as far as how it will work out)

- Company trying to get a publisher for an adult Wii game that could be huge. Game will be unveiled within a couple weeks on IGN if they don’t get a publisher. Not a garage developer or Tier C dev.

- The IGN Wii Virtual Console game is on hold… they’re working more on their full game concept right now.

- Matt says Retro will do something else with Metroid in the future after Prime 3.


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