Friday, June 15, 2007

Nintendo Short Cuts Thoughts

I was watching the Top 10 Short Cuts and this is my order of favorites, from best to worst:

Good vs. Wiivil
The Last Wii
The Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link
Koopa Force
The Nintendo Office
The Killing of a No Good Goomba
Nintendo News Network
The Blue Light Zone: Eye of the Mii-Holder
All My Systems

There is one thing to note though about the video "The Last Wii". When I watched it the first time, I thought the Toys "R" Us was the one I go to, but it couldn't be. Out of all the Toys "R" Us stores in the US, it could have been a similar on. I watched the video again, and I could see some of the shopping center from the part where the guy jumps over the kid playing the DS Lite and yup, that is the shopping center I go to. That is awesome! I have to find the guys that made the video and commend them on a job well done. I suggest checking out the videos.

The Link to the Nintendo Short Cuts site

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