Tuesday, June 5, 2007

6/5 Thought of the Day: Nintendo TV Shows/Movies part 3

Sorry for the delay guys, but as I said before, there were technical difficulties with the site and I couldn't post it yesterday. Anyways, today's thoughts will be nice and short since I just got back from a band concert, where I performed with 3 different groups, and I'm really tired. So, time to talk about my Animal Crossing movie idea, sort of. I had an idea of a movie where someone moves into a town and starts a new life there, just like in Animal Crossing. I also envisioned seeing many characters from the Animal Crossing games in that town, like Tom Nook, Mable and Sable, Tortimer, Mr. Resetti, and more. Well, it turns out that my idea ended up coming true.

Last December, an Animal Crossing movie premiered in theaters in Japan. There has been no word on a US release, and for some reason, I don't think we'll be getting it. Point is, my idea shows the simplicity of Animal Crossing and shows the many fun things you can do in it. The movie, which turned out to actually happen, seems to follow the same structure. From I've seen of the movie through trailers and pictures, it seems to be very faithful to Animal Crossing and looks like a really good movie. I just wish it would be brought over to the US. That would be so amazing. Anyways, that was what I wanted to say. The Animal Crossing series has grown more popular and it deserves a movie to release in theaters here.

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