Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Return of the Pokeball: Super Smash Bros. Dojo 6/5 Update

Today brings us two updates, both about the same thing: Pokeball. It's been in the game before, so of course it'll be back, but now we get a look at some returning pokemon and a new one, along with a peek at the Pokemon Stadium stage. The first update is called "What Are Poke Balls?" and it talks about how to use them and such. There are a few screenshots and they show the return of Chikorita and Goldeen in the Pokeballs. Here they are:

And that's it for the first update. The second update is called "Groudon" and that's because it's about Groudon. For those that don't know, Groudon is on the cover of Pokemon Ruby version and is now going to one of the many pokemon in the Poke Ball. The Smash Bros. site says that Groudon is huge and is hot to touch, and like all the pokemon I can think of from the Poke Balls, it doesn't harm the player that calls it. Now for some screenshots:

Source: "What Are Poke Balls?" and "Groudon"

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